5 Must Watch Movies at Hola México Film Festival 2017

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Docsdf – Presently in its ninth year, the Hola México Film Festival is conveying 20 movies to the downtown Los Angeles range, including Demián Bichir’s directorial make a big appearance, a doc on the clamoring hip-jump scene over the fringe, and a couple of lighthearted comedies for those searching for some lighter toll. In the event that you required an update that Mexican silver screen is blossoming, this feature is it.

As fest chief Samuel Douek puts it, this version has something for a wide range of motion picture darlings, blending both honor winning and widely praised films with more standard Mexican passage. It even gloats five movies that are making their U.S. debuts. With Q&As with the movie producers following a considerable lot of the screenings, the four segments of the fest (Hola México, Documental, Nocturno, and Nuestras Voces) are an opportunity to get a portion of the best tasks originating from our neighbors toward the south. On the off chance that you require some assistance discovering a comment this end of the week, we’ve gathered together our rundown of Top Picks underneath. Look at them.

1. La región salvaje

docsdf La región salvaje

In this eerie film Escalante has crafted two halves of a hypnotic whole. One half is a family drama about Alejandra and her ultra macho husband Angel, whose outward homophobia is actually masking the affair he’s having with his wife’s brother. The other is a body horror flick centered on a mysterious woman whom Alejandra meets and who will allow her to access the inner strength she didn’t know she had. Set in Guanajuato, its fog-ridden images add to the sense of danger and fear that lurks under this seemingly straightforward narrative.

Film Details
The Untamed
Director : Amat Escalante
Country : Norway Denmark Switzerland Germany France Mexico
Genre : Horror Drama
Writer : Amat Escalante Gibrán Portela
Producer : Fernanda de la Peza Amat Escalante Jaime Romandia
Production Year : 2016
Running Time : 100 minutes

2. Un cuento de circo and a Love Song

docsdf Un cuento de circo and a Love Song

Populated by acrobats, clowns, and various other circus performers, Demián Bichir’s directorial debut is focused on Refugio. Played by Bichir as an older man and by his nephew, José Angel Bichir, in his younger circus years, Refugio will come face to face with the father he never knew (Jorge Perugorría) and who’d left the big top harboring a secret he may finally have to own up to. And if that classy telenovelaesque synopsis weren’t enough, Bichir’s film also co-stars Eva Longoria, Stefanie Sherk, and Arcelia Ramírez in the film the famed Mexican actor-director calls “a tale about the possibility of love, redemption, and fate.”

Film Details
Director : Demián Bichir
Country : Mexico
Genre : Drama
Writer : Demián Bichir
Producer : Lucas Akoskin Bruno Bichir Demián Bichir Santiago Garcia Galvan Alex Garcia
Production Year : 2016
Running Time : 114 minutes

3. La carga

docsdf La carga

It is the end of the 16th century in New Spain: the violence and slavery brought by Spanish conquest are ravaging the indigenous people of what will one day be Mexico. When a Spanish woman with noble blood agrees to be a witness in defense of a rebellious indigenous town, she and a tameme an indigenous porter must flee. Pursued by soldiers on a perilous journey across the vast landscape of New Spain, the two confront the complex tensions between them and the bonds that begin to grow.

Film Details
Director : Alan Jonsson Gavica
Country : Mexico
Genre : Drama
Writer : Arturo Ruiz SerranoAlan Jonsson Gavica
Producer : Alan Jonsson Gavica
Production Year : 2016
Running Time : 94 minutes

4. Mr. Pig

docsdf Mr. Pig

Eubanks (Danny Glover), an old-school pig farmer from Georgia on the brink of losing his family farm, sets off on a road trip with Howard, his beloved and very large pig. As they make their way across the border to Mexico to find “Howie” a new home, Eubanks’ drinking and deteriorating health begin to take a toll, derailing their plans. His estranged daughter, Eunice (Maya Rudolph), is forced to join them on their adventure. Driven by strong convictions and stubbornness in his old ways, Eubanks attempts to make peace through his devotion to Howie and desire to mend his broken relationships.

Film Details
Director : Diego Luna
Country : Mexico
Genre : Drama
Writer : Diego Luna Augusto Mendoza
Producer : Diego Luna Pablo Cruz
Production Year : 2015
Running Time : 92 minutes

5. Lucha Mexico

docsdf lucha mexico

Get an unprecedented look at the behind the scenes workings of what goes on in the Mexican Lucha Libre spectacle. Lucha Mexico follows “El 1000% Guapo” as he gives audiences a chance to see what it takes to become one of the best luchadores of the modern era while trying to show what it is that makes this pastime such an enduring success. Filled with charismatic performers and plenty of footage from the ring, Lucha Mexico is sure to please fans of the masked wrestlers as well as those curious about this ever-growing sport.

Film Details
Director Alexandria Hammond & Ian Markiewicz
Country Mexico United States
Genre Documentary
Writer Ian Markiewicz
Producer Alex Hammond
Production Year 2015
Running Time 98 minutes

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