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How does the celebration function

It’s a significant straightforward thing: we have a perpetual group (5-8 individuals), those one who work all the year long and volunteers (around 40), they are with us from April till May. They are understudies for the most part who attempt to get into the film business. That is extraordinary when your celebration group comprise just from the general population realizing what they need and endeavoring to see how can it function from inside. from the group of onlookers seats it is difficult to see, you ought to be inside the procedure. With a specific end goal to see every one of the associations. The celebration develops and everybody has a work for himself, noone rest.

Who makes the program

We have a few areas and every one has claim choice commitee in addition to a few people working at the preselection. Every opposition programm is viewed by five individuals not more, since it’s substantially more hard to arrange crafted by the huge group of selectors. Everybody has claim inclinations and we need to rate every one of the movies and give them pluses and minuses. That is the reason each program has claim facilitator, yet at the same time a ultimate conclusion makes aesthetic chief. I have a veto on the off chance that I totally don’t care for the film. In any case, when in doubt we have another startegy. On the off chance that the film causes extraordinary however forceful feelings t implies that it should be incorporated into the program. Just such conflicting movies do should be appeared.

What number of movies are in the opposition

Among 3500 movies that we have this year we picked 114 for the official choice. In any case, we additionally have extraordinary projects and keeper programs. That implies 230 movies more. General we have 344 movies this year. This is the most elevated rate up until now. Since we have uncommon segments for music recordings and we oversaw 5 programs with them, so this is up to 60 films.

Russian movies

Lamentably there are not all that many movies from Russia this year, around 50 altogether. In spite of the fact that I comprehend that there are considerably more shot. Generally we get either business movies or much smooth ones, or free movies that are near novice motion pictures or TV stylistics ventures. Nothing in the middle. What’s more, we first and most extreme are searching for genuine executive’s view. I might want to observe more Russian movies alongside films from different nations. We got the Osacar qualifying celebration status. This is an awesome compliment to our work. Applications’ ammount has ascended in agreement. Our choice commitees buckle down: we need to invest significantly more energy at the preselection organize so as to give a correct rate to each film. We additionally should examine every descision, all points of interest and weaknesses. We can’t do it shallow and on te run.

Film length

Every one of the movies these days are too long: 45 minutes is essentially a sentence for each film. Appears like the best length is among 10-17 minutes, not more. For instance in the event that we choose to incorporate a 30 minutes film into the program, it must be of a genuine high – quality to merit its place into the program. Far too short movies are not in need either. This is additionally can’t be preference for a film. It should remain in your memory. Obviously there are a few special cases however they just affirm the principles. For the past Oscar was assigned Patrick Vollrath’s film «All will be good» (Alles wird gut). The movie producers had two renditions of the film: 30 minutes and 9 minutes. He made a trial: connected the two renditions to the celebrations to see the selector’s response. The greater part of the celebrations prefered the short one. In any case, in 2015 the full form was taken for the Critics week in the Cannes. Furthermore, after that every one of the celebrations begin settling on a similar decision. No honor fot the 9-minute film. The thought is – on the off chance that you have an impeccable story then it mustn’t be short.

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Music rights

While applying the movie chiefs must fill in the application frame where they point whether the film has clear rights. We believe them and don’t check. Be that as it may, we had a few points of reference for the most part with the music recordings and fan-recordings. At one of the past celebrations accidentially was an individual from one of the music organizations and heard a tune from their accumulation. It worked out that the rights were not clear. So we needed to pull back the film from the opposition. In any case, this is a special case. Sincere producers obviously give careful consideration to it and don’t commit such errors. In any case, you ought to dependably remember it. Since we don’t know when the music organization or name part will be among the group of onlookers.

Contacts with the producers

We are endeavoring to keep associations with our members and for the most part with the victors. We take after their activities, celebration triumphs. Аlso we have our own particular homes and workshops where we welcome the champs for the month. They live in Vienns and work with the total solace. We need them to have a craving for being at home subsequent to getting the prize.

Silver screen advertises and paid screenings

We demonstrate the movies took an interest in our celebration in Vienna and different urban areas and endeavor to influence screenings outside the silver screens, to utilize any open door. Every one of them are business obviously. For instance we indicate short movies in the chairlift lodges while the sightseers raise to the highest point of the mountain. It takes around 7 minutes. It’s incredible when alongside the celebration the silver screen showcase happens, in Clermont-Ferraund for instance they made this collaboration superbly. We welcome TV industry individuals to the celebration and it gives the shot for the movie producers to offer their movies. We additionally pay our members for the opposition screenings. Tragically numerous celebrations can’t let it fot themselves. Be that as it may, it is vital for each executive to have a chance to advance.


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